If we could hurl all of you free textbooks we would. That way you could actually afford movies, coffee, pizzas and gym. I know what you're thinking, 'dreams are free'. But that's not true, dreams just cost $20 and you get all the stuff you wish you could afford at StudentCard only discount rates.
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Discounts at cafe's like The Coffee Club are just awesome
- Jonathan Yila, Business Management student
StudentCard contributed to the money I was able to save to visit a couple of friends in Australia.
Jean-Luc Lawlor, Bachelor of Business
Definitely recommend a StudentCard, being a Uni student - we're quite poor, it gives you all the discounts you need and it's really, really good!
- Demi Arbuckle, Communication Studies
Thank you StudentCard, it makes a difference in everyday life - it ROCKS!
- Shirin Heidari, Engineering Student
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